1000 Rent

1000 Rent is a leading car hire company which is properly registered, fully insured and incredibly professional. We excel when it comes to things like meeting our customers’ needs and offering top notch quality. With our convenient car rentals, you will have the freedom to travel quickly and easily in great comfort and style, at that, you will not need to need to stretch your budget.

Enjoy a wide range of reliable car hire services

The thing that makes 1000 Rent a truly special car hire company is the extensive selection of vehicles that we have. We are well aware that each of our clients has special needs and unique requirements and that is why our fleet of cars is remarkably versatile. For those of you who are looking for a cost-efficient ride, we can offer reliable economy car rentals. If you are travelling together with a big group of people, you can simply hire a minivan or a people carrier. We also have modern convertibles, luxury and sports cars that can be rented at a surprisingly low price. Thanks to our massive armada of vehicles, we are prepared to offer you with many trusted car hire services that include airport rentals, one-way car hire, chauffeur services and more. The list of extras from which you can choose is also endless. GPS navigation system, full tank, ski rack and a comprehensive protection package are just a few of the additional perks for which you can opt.

Convenience and flexibility are the two things which you can always expect to get from us. Our pick-up spots are strategically located since they are set close to airports, landmarks, train stations, seaports and etc. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – we offer various rental types. If you want to extend the vehicle rental period, you can easily renew your contract with us. As our customer, you will be able to book a car of your choice weeks in advance or even at the very last minute. With our competitively priced car rentals, you will not need to pay for maintenance or servicing because we have everything covered. Just call our polite and experienced staff and you will enjoy an unforgettable trip.